Volunteers are the foundation of what makes our church successful, and we’re always in need of more. With a wide variety of opportunities to serve, we’re sure you’ll find an area you’re not only passionate about, but that you are needed and valued in. If you would be interested in volunteering at Bethesda Methodist please read through the different volunteer opportunities below and fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire to be contacted by a Member of the Church.


Cheerful Greeters provide our Church with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When you volunteer to be a Greeter you allow yourself the opportunities to serve the Lord, to meet new people and to stay in touch with those you already know.


From serving in the nursery, to assisting with Children’s Sunday School, to being an extra set of hands at F.A.B. (Family At Bethesda) there are numerous ways you can help to guide Bethesda Children to discipleship.


Volunteering to help with F.A.B. (Family At Bethesda) and other events is a great way to support the youth at Bethesda.


If you have a gift with music the Choir is where you need to be! There’s nothing like praising the Lord in the form of song or speaking a blessing in the form of a hymn.


It’s no secret that each Church Service or Church Function is nothing short of a production. There are many different moving parts behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly, flows well and stays on task.

Technical Support

If you’re someone who understands technology and how it all works together, volunteering to assist with Technical Support is a great way for you to contribute.

Our Daily Bread

For over 9 years Our Daily Bread has provides essential food items to students in need from the Garner, Millsap and Peaster areas. Volunteers meet every Wednesday at Johnson Hall to pack bags of food that are then delivered to these students in need. Volunteering to help with the program is a great way to make a difference not only in the Church but also the community it serves.

V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School)

Vacation Bible School allows students a way to stay connected to each other and to their faith during summer break. As there are usually more students attending V.B.S. than there are consistently attending Church throughout the year, volunteers are a vital necessity for making it a success. If being energetic, enthusiastic and ready for anything are your thing, volunteering for V.B.S. is perfect for you.

Care Team

Comforting those around us in their times of need is what sources the strength of our congregation and brings the concept of “Church Family” to life. When we are in the trenches together and facing the hard stuff as a united front, we are fulfilling God’s wishes for the Church. If praying over someone, checking in on them and seeing to it that their needs are met are areas you shine in, the Care Team would love to have you.

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